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Gavin Rossdale Daily
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We change by the speed of the choices we make

Hello and welcome to Rossdale Daily, your daily source of all things Gavin Rossdale. :) This community is image and video only, designed to celebrate the Gavin's awesome smexiness talent and diverse career through video, images, pictorials, icons, colour bars, wallpapers, and everything else in between. We're open to all submissions, but there are a few rules I'd like everyone to adhere, so be sure to rest them before posting!!

1). VIDEO AND IMAGES ONLY - this means fan vid, interviews, rare video, pictures, scans, articles/pictorials, screencaps, icons, colour bars, mood themes, layouts and banners. Try to AVOID music videos, unless it's a new one that's just been released (ie. Love Remains The Same music video or trailer just released, you can post it). This is not a general discussion group so, please, keep it to a bare minimum!!

2). Each post must contain at least one picture or video of Gavin in order to be legitimate. Members are free to contribute anyway they can, but please try not to post images that've already been put up a 100 times - unless of course they're extremely hot, of course, because sometimes his sexiness bears repeating. ;D

3). Intro posts - I love them, you should too. They're a great way to get to know everyone, so all members should feel free to introduce themselves, so long as the post contains at least one image!

4). Lj-cuts are your friends. Use them.

5). No hotlinking from any other pages or journals. Don't make me get the mod stick.

6). Be nice and have fun. :)